Refund Policy

We have a very straightforward refund policy on all our IPTV products and services.

For example, if you buy any of our IPTV set-top boxes and for some reasons you are neither contented with your purchase, considering it has not been used, you are more than welcome to return it within 14 days for a total and full refund.

However, we will expect you to give us full reasons for returning the product. Once we have received the product, tested it to make sure it has neither been used, we will make then move forward to make a 100% refund within 14days from the you we received the product. We won’t charge for handling and processing.

All our IPTV boxes are usually tested before sending them out. Even though they are ISO certified, we will still test it before commencing any delivery. We have supplied more millions of IPTV boxes to our clients without any order cancellation because the product was faulty. A few clients have returned the products simply because of other reasons, mostly when going abroad. In total, we have received less than 20 returned products through the period we have been trading.

If you are a subscriber to any of our IPTV channels packages, there is completing nothing to stop you from stopping your subscription. However, if you decide to stop your subscription in the middle of the moment or one day into the new month, you will have to pay for that month.

From the moment you request to be unsubscribed from our IPTV subscription package, your license will be immediately terminated and you won’t be able to watch the channels any longer.

As for our IPTV set-top boxes, majority come with a one-year’s warranty unless specified. However, under all listings, we try to identify the amount of warranty available to our clients. The reason is that not many people read the refund content on the return policy. Warranty means that if the box happens to stop working within the given period, we will fix it or replace it. But, if you responsible for mishandling of the product, your warranty will become void and null.

However, damages caused by recklessness, misinformation, or if the damage is caused by heat, wrong handling, power, misconfiguration, spilled liquids and or dropping the product on a hard surface is neither covered. It is likely possible, the product could be damaged in the post and as such we ask that you get back to us within 14days for a full refund or product replacement. If you are lazy and eventually make contact after 14days, it won’t be considered. However, there are always exceptional cases that may include someone being in the hospital when the box is delivered. Lastly, it does not cancel the fact that the product comes with a one warranty.

IPTV Subscription

If you pay an annual subscription, or  six month subscription, we will not be able to provide a refund. This is a digital product. The reason we are unable to provide refunds are as stated and secondly based on the account that, we are simply a distributor and a wholesaler. If you are thinking about having a refund with our IPTV channels, you'd be better off somewhere else. I recommend that you ask for a trial before making that buying decision. That is how confident we are. Test it and buy it.

The best approach is to stop your contract at the end of the subscription calendar month. You may also decide to pay for your subscription on a month-by-month or quarterly basis. However, It becomes cheaper when on an annual subscription.

We think it is better to ask us many questions as you can before making a purchase. We have built our business based on honesty and trustworthiness that is why we are always on hand to respond to presale questions.